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Choose either land or water.
Offering a visual celebration of life filled with experiences, emotions and stories. Each image is a finely detailed testament to the beauty of human connection, showcasing a vibrant mix of images that bring every moment to life. Whether you're looking for a heartwarming family portrait, water session or an intimate couple's shot.


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What you can expect:

Full Gallery of Artistically Edited Images
Access to Client Closet and Styling Assistance
Customized Experience
Detail Images that tell your story
Video Clips from our time together
Water session can be added to a land session for $325

* 20% of session fee due to fully book

Our unique experience is designed to transform an ordinary day into a blossoming gallery of cherished memories. As you unwind, connect, and have fun, you'll cease to be just subjects in a portrait; instead, you are the heart of the story that is being beautifully told through each frame. Just relax and be in the moment, I'll take care of the magic.

Session Day

Taking your images to the next level, I offer unique, artful advice on color schemes, clothing choices, and overall presentation. Using the questionnaire as our compass, together we curate a personalized style guide, including wardrobe suggestions from the client closet. I provide a comprehensive list of items that photograph well, taking the time to guide you every step of the way to create a flawless aesthetic balance in your images.


The questionnaire bridges the gap between photographer and client, providing insights beyond surface interactions. It is meticulously designed, ensuring each question counts and resonates with every individual's unique persona, likes, dislikes and moments that matter the most to you to provide a fully customized experience from the very beginning.


Fill in the contact form and giving me as much information as possible about what you're looking for. Together we will set up a location and time that best fits what you're looking for.


the process

how it works

In a world where everyone strives for sharp, high-definition imagery, let's take a detour. Why not plunge into the depths of emotive cinematic photography with the use of grain and creative motion blur?
Allow yourself to get lost in the rich, ethereal softness where every click of my camera captures emotion. With the use of a diffusion filter, I'm able to create a delicate balance of light and shadows ensuring that not one element overpowers the other.  Working with muted tones in styling  we can create a surreal setting where life connects with the environment allowing us to explore love, nostalgia and tranquility.

The edit

Imagine this scenario: You're flipping through an old photo album, and there it is - that one photo that stops you in your tracks. It's not just a photo, it's a time capsule, a slice of your existence. That's the magic of cinematic photography, it forges memories. And why wouldn't you want your life to be documented in such a poetic manner?
Choosing a cinematic photographer means choosing to prioritize emotion over technicality, authenticity over perfection, and story over stage. It's choosing to have your memories documented in a way that they will not just be remembered but felt, even years down the line.
It's a form of art that captures more than just faces and places. It captures feelings, emotions, light, color and the magic of the moment.
So, why choose a cinematic photographer? Because your memories are more than just moments, they are stories waiting to be told. And cinematic photography is the perfect medium to tell those stories!

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