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The Inlet Collection embodies the unique journey of two separate lives merging into one. It encapsulates the shift from the expansive, broad sphere of individual living to the intimate and concentrated space of shared existence. It signifies not just the start of a new chapter, but an entirely new book of life.

It's a chronicle of shared moments, radiant smiles, and heartfelt vows. It's a tangible reminder of the passion, intimacy, and deep-seated love that courses through every vein of a newlywed couple's journey.

The Estuary Collection is inspired by the powerful moment when the river and sea become one, a visual metaphor for the merging of two lives in love. This collection is more than just a series of photographs, it is a beautifully curated gallery of poignant scenes from your special day. Just as rivers and seas unite in an estuary, your love story will be captured with equal authenticity and artistry. 

From the preparation moments to the sun setting into the blue hour, each photograph is a testament to your journey together. In essence, this collection offers more than just a photographic record—it provides a compelling visual narration of your elopement. 

local $1,500

Local $2,000 - $3,000

inlet Collection

Estuary Collection

  • 4-6 Hours of Coverage
  • Complimentary Engagement Session
  • Full digital gallery of images
  • 2 Hours of Coverage
  • Full digital gallery of images
ELOPEMENTS: Please contact me regarding elopements with all the amazing details for a custom quote.

A client closet is a small collection of dresses that I've collected over the years that you are welcome to use for your elopement!

As an artist who is in love with moments, you can expect everything to be documented. From getting ready moments, the way the sun hits the grass or birds flying in the sky and every loving embrace in between with a good mixture of images shot and edited in a rich, cinematic and creative way to fully tell the story of your day.

What type of images can we expect?

What is your client closet?

The non-refundable retainer fee of 20% is required to secure your date on my calendar.

What is the retainer to book?

An elopement is an intimate weddings where the focus is on the couple and creating images that you envision. Typically an elopement has less than 20 guests and feels more intimate and adventurous with the focus being on the couple's images with no traditional wedding reception.

What's considered an elopement?

Local is considered anywhere within a 1 hour driving distance from north Clearwater. Additional travel fees apply to other cities in Florida. Destination is considered anything outside of the one hour and state of Florida within the U.S.


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In a world where everyone strives for sharp, high-definition imagery, let's take a detour. Why not plunge into the depths of emotive cinematic photography with the use of grain and creative motion blur?
Allow yourself to get lost in the rich, ethereal softness where every click of my camera captures emotion. With the use of a diffusion filter, I'm able to create a delicate balance of light and shadows ensuring that not one element overpowers the other.  Working with muted tones in styling  we can create a surreal setting where life connects with the environment allowing us to explore love, nostalgia and tranquility.

The edit

Imagine this scenario: You're flipping through an old photo album, and there it is - that one photo that stops you in your tracks. It's not just a photo, it's a time capsule, a slice of your existence. That's the magic of cinematic photography, it forges memories. And why wouldn't you want your life to be documented in such a poetic manner?
Choosing a cinematic photographer means choosing to prioritize emotion over technicality, authenticity over perfection, and story over stage. It's choosing to have your memories documented in a way that they will not just be remembered but felt, even years down the line.
It's a form of art that captures more than just faces and places. It captures feelings, emotions, light, color and the magic of the moment. But don't worry! We still get those important family group images where everyone is looking at the camera.
So, why choose a cinematic photographer? Because your memories are more than just moments, they are stories waiting to be told. And cinematic photography is the perfect medium to tell those stories!
Interested in seeing highlights from a recent wedding? It's on the journal here.

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